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Service we provide include:

-Powerful steam clean using green chemicals safe and efficient for your home and family

-Furniture cleaning to return that new look to your old couch and protect your furniture

-Matteress cleaning including sanitization

-Pet urine stain and smell removal

-Protectors to protect your carpet and furniture from occuring stains in the first place

-Tile, linolium, and hard wood floor cleaning.

-Water and flood damage profesional cleanup and drying of structure.
























Green Clean!

Wood Flooring

Green Clean


Carpet Green Clean

Tile & Grout

       Green Clean

Love Seat

Green Clean


Green Clean

Home Carpet

Green Clean


Fiber Identification We start by performing a fiber identification process on your carpet.  Did you know that there are specific cleaning agents for each type of carpet fiber?  Using the wrong cleaning agents can result in poor cleaning, damage your carpet and even void your warranty! During our pre-inspection process we also explain what results can be expected and discuss any problem areas such as red stains, pet stains, etc. Most companies don't include this service at all.

Pre-Treatment We pre-treat ALL your carpet to ensure that even the hidden dirt and grime gets loosened so we can extract it.  This hidden dirt is what typically reappears a few weeks after cleaning, many customers think their carpets simply got dirty that quickly when infact it was a result of poor cleaning techniques. Most carpet cleaning companys charge extra for this service, we include it in our basic service.

Heavily Soiled Areas We prep your heavily soiled areas with a super strength cleaning agent and brush the carpet to lift the deep down dirt up.  This will improve the cleaning results and also lift the pile of your carpet for a better apperance. On extreme areas we use a hybrid method of cleaning carpet that includes rotary agitation. Most companys charge extra for this service, we include it in our basic service.


Steam Cleaning I am sure you have seen many different cleaning techniques out their, everyone claiming to be the best.  The fact is steam cleaning is still the only cleaning technique that is endorsed by over 50 carpet manufacturers.  We use POWERFUL TRUCKMOUNT cleaning machines that utilize the correct pressure and heat to properly clean you carpets. Be careful of carpet cleaners that use to much pressure or heat (this makes their job go quicker), this can damage your carpet, cause excessive dry times, or even result in mold or mildew.

Carpet Grooming We groom all carpet after cleaning, this lifts the "mat" of your carpet bringing it back to an upright postion, it helps in the drying process, and it looks plush and new! If we apply a carpet protector this process also ensures a good uniform application, giving you complete protection wall-to-wall.



Stain Removal We always try to get all stains our with our standard cleaning service.  There are however some specialty stains that require special removal techniques.  These are typically food dye stains such as koolaid or wine, Paint stains, protein stains, pet stains, and ink/tea/coffee stains.








- We gaurantee our carpet protectors. With the purchase of any carpet protector we will guarantee that the area that is treated will stay stain free for 9 months. If you get a spot on your carpet, use our complimentary professional spotting spray, try to blot it up. If the stain will not come up for the customer we will return for free to remove the stain. If we cannot remove the stain we will refund the amount that was paid for the carpet protector in the room effected!  What better warrantee is there? 

We are only a phone call away

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