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Are you looking for cheap carpet cleaning or the lowest price on upholstery, rug, tile and grout cleaning?


If cost is the only factor that matters to you then, respectfully, you have landed on the wrong site.  Allow me explain --- Our motto and mission to be the best for you and your home does not allow us the ease of using cheaper supplies, less costly and less effective equipment, or the lowest paid service professionals! 

There is often too big of a price to pay when choosing based upon paying a little price!


When the price for a professional and skilled service is unreasonable low, it normally points out a few things about that service that are not usually in your best interest! 

First, for that service to make a profit and stay in business, cost and corners must be cut from somewhere.  It may be cheap cleaning agents, less effective equipment, rushed service, unskilled low quality labor, or a person in your home who simply does not care.

Secondly, the goal is to simply get in your door with a low price and then use sales tactics to increase the profit.  Even worse, some use the totally unethical bait and switch practice of advertising a low price that they have no intention of honoring. 

The problem with the cheapest price is there is always the risk of getting cheap quality!  

Truth is no matter how little you pay for carpet cleaning, if the carpet is not really clean, you've paid for something you didn't get.  That makes it a bad deal and a waste of money.  Cleaning means removing the dirt and soils.  If this is halfway or not successfully performed, It is not a value. Even if a cheap company gives you a service guarantee, it is only as credible as the company behind it! 

You should also question if the lowest cost is worth the likelihood of paying for a trained salesperson in place of a skilled service person.  Is it really worth the potential hassle and discomfort of dealing with a pushy salesperson? - One better at talking people into stuff not wanted or needed than performing the work they're hired to do!


When you choose TLC Carpet Green Clean, you can rest assured that the value exceeds the cost and the benefits outweigh what you pay!

We have a proven track record of expert quality workmanship and Superior service at a reasonable rate. The quality service we strive to provide doesn't end when we receive your payment!  We stand behind our work!

Your friendly service professionals will be honest and ethical with the service and products they recommend.  We realize it is your home and your decision on what level of service you decide upon!  

We are in this for the long haul and we respect your choice, your business and feedback.

While TLC Carpet Green Clean does not perform "cheap" cleaning, we do promise that the service recommended by your service professional will be top-notch and an excellent value; especially with the frequent coupons, discounts and specials we offer. 

Although we use more costly cleaning agents than are common and the most effective machinery and tools, we still have not found it necessary to raise our prices higher than many companies using equipment with half the cleaning ability.  We feel that when you pay to have your carpet, upholstery and home cleaned, you have a right to expect it to be Really clean!

When comparing prices: be sure to inquire if you are being quoted for their best cleaning, how much square footage is allowed and if any additional charges may incur upon arrival.

While TLC Carpet Green Clean guarantees the highest quality cleaning, your cost is usually less than Stanley Steemer, Chem-Dry, Serv Pro, Heavens Best or others who use dry cleaning, Rotovac or Truck-Mounted equipment with half of our cleaning power.

*Areas larger than 200 sqft and combo rooms counted as 1.5 or 2 rooms depending on the square footage.

*Service fee to areas further than a 12 miles calculated at $1. per mile. 

*Additional charges may apply for necessary pet urine, excessive pet hair, 3rd floor or higher cleaning, large- areas of heavily soiled, difficult fabrics, embeded stains/odors, and use of rotary equipment.

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